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IRG Welcomes the American Council of Young Political Leaders

IRG partnered with the American Council of Young Political Leaders to host a morning of panel discussions around the theme of legislative process and governance for international participants for a group of fellows from across the ASEAN region.

  • PANEL 1:  Running for United States Congress:  Opportunities and Challenges
  • PANEL 2:  Role and Responsibilities of Congressional Members: Serving Community and Country
  • PANEL 3:  The Broken Branch:  Partisan Gridlock in Congress

IRG board members and other former Members of Congress served as discussants in bipartisan pairs. U.S.

IRI Tunisia Study: Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

One of the key principles for any market that seeks to incentivize investment and entrepreneurship is feasibility. Markets with confusing, obstacle-ridden regulatory systems are their own greatest enemy. Not only do they confuse potential investors and business owners, but these complex mazes of regulation also limit upward mobility, and corrupt regimes can take advantage of their complexity to pick economic winners and losers.

NDI Parliamentary Exchange Program: Leadership in the Digital Economy

Among other issues, this exchange program explored ways in which parliamentarians can encourage and utilize the burgeoning use of technology to support economic growth, engage citizens, and conduct parliamentary business in an open and transparent manner.